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easyxll::Registrar Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Function wizard registration helper.

This helper allows easy registration of functions within the Excel Function Wizard. Just instanciate a static instance of the Registrar for each exported function.

Public Member Functions

 Registrar (const char *function, const char *category, const char *argsHelp, const char *helpFile, int helpTopic, const char *longHelp, bool hidden, int nargs,...)
 Register a function with the Function Wizard.
 ~Registrar ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

easyxll::Registrar::Registrar const char *  function,
const char *  category,
const char *  argsHelp,
const char *  helpFile,
int  helpTopic,
const char *  longHelp,
bool  hidden,
int  nargs,

Register a function with the Function Wizard.

function The "C" function name
category The Function Wizard category
argsHelp The list of parameters, coma separated
helpFile The full path to a HLP or CHM help file
helpTopic A numeric index within the HLP or CHM file
longHelp The full description of the function
hidden If 'true', the function is registered, but hidden
nargs Number of arguments
... One help string per argument

easyxll::Registrar::~Registrar  ) 

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