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easyxll::Controller Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Main Controller class.

This class implements the controller code for EasyXLL features. It is mostly used internally within the library, but clients can also benefit from its public methods.

Public Member Functions

HWND excelWindow ()
 Retrieve the handle to the MsExcel Window.
bool isCalledByFunctionWizard ()
 Guess whether we have been called from the Excel's Function Wizard.
void do_register_ ()
void do_unregister_ ()

Static Public Member Functions

Controllerinstance ()
void init_ ()
void done_ ()

Member Function Documentation

void easyxll::Controller::do_register_  ) 

void easyxll::Controller::do_unregister_  ) 

void easyxll::Controller::done_  )  [static]

HWND easyxll::Controller::excelWindow  ) 

Retrieve the handle to the MsExcel Window.

void easyxll::Controller::init_  )  [static]

Controller* easyxll::Controller::instance  )  [static]

bool easyxll::Controller::isCalledByFunctionWizard  ) 

Guess whether we have been called from the Excel's Function Wizard.

If a function's implementation triggers lengthy calculations, it may be necessary not to launch those when the user is navigating in the Function Wizard. This method can be used to check this condition and shortcut the computation and return (for intance), an error.

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