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What is it ?

EasyXLL is a small C++ library which allow very easy interfacing of C++ code with MsExcel worksheets. More precisely, it enables the developer to: EasyXLL is a self-contained package. It does not require any other library to be usable. The only dependencies are on the Windows SDK (which is shipped with Ms Visual Studio) and part of the Excel SDK (which is provided in the EasyXLL archive). The library comes with a test XLL which demonstrates the export and registration of two simple functions. Within minutes you should be able to compile this XLL and test it with MsExcel (version 2000, XP, 2003). Please note that this work is MsWindows only and won't work with other versions of MsExcel.

EasyXLL is Open Source, released under the GNU LGPL. It means that you can use it free of charge, even modify it, as long as you always keep the copyright notice intact and you distribute the verbatim or modified source code of this library with your product.

Of course, I would appreciate knowing of anybody using this library in applications, as I am willing to include patches or improvements ot it. Any suggestions are also much welcome.

Where to Start

You can download here recent versions of EasyXLL :
    easyxll_1_0_0.zip - Version 1.0.0 - Oct 2004 - 107 645 bytes
The archive contains ready-to-use workspaces for Microsoft Visual Studio 6 and 7.1 (also known as .Net 2003). It also contains a README.TXT file and basic library documentation generated from the code. This "doxygen" documentation is also directly available online.

Who is doing it

Eric Nicolas is the author for EasyXLL. The web hosting for this site is freely made available by Dvdfr.com.